3 Reasons the iPhone 11 Pro camera is Built for Realtors

Earlier this week, I jumped into the live Apple Keynote about the iPhone 11, which I haven’t done in YEARS. I haven’t cared about a new iPhone since…I don’t know…maybe the iPhone 5 or something. In fact, I’ve been a year or two behind on iPhone generations for probably the past 5 years now. There just hasn’t been a reason to upgrade other than the performance slowing down and battery goading me to find a refurbished one on Ebay.

I wrote recently that I believe smartphones to be the future of photography. This really just proved it more and adds validity to my Smartphone Photography Workshop for Realtors.

Here are the biggest features on the way:

Ultra-Wide Lens

The biggest feature I’m excited about in terms of real estate photography is finally having a wide-angle lens BUILT IN. I’ve written a list of lenses that I recommended for your smartphone, but this feature has made that post totally obsolete. At the equivalent of 13mm, you’ll have a super wide lens with limited distortion and none of that nasty “fish-eye” effect.

Night Mode

Finally, a solution to the “low light” problem. You know all those times you walk into a house that feels like a cave because the lighting is super minimal or non-existent? You can shoot in super dark situations now through the power of Apple’s camera software. It does all the work for you, and gives you options to customize the level of light you want in your shot. (I would invest in a tripod however, depending on how this feature works)

More Battery Life

With the smaller iPhone 11 Pro, you get an additional 4 hours of battery life, and with the iPhone 11 Pro Max (these names are getting ridiculous), you get 5 additional hours than previous iPhone models. I know for a fact that realtors and other entrepreneurs (me included), are constantly tethered to their phone charger at various times of the day. This will help minimize that to some extent, especially if you’re going to be using your phone to shoot a ton of photos and video.

When I get my hands on one, I’m going to do a hands-on and test out these features for myself, but right now, it’s sounding pretty darn good.