3 Ways to Improve Your Realtor Brand With Just Your Smartphone


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You can check out our latest blog posts about ways in which a smartphone is useful for real estate photography, but we live in a multi-media world and photos aren’t necessarily the only way to show off a listing or introduce yourself to your clients.

Video Walkthroughs 

Filming a “walkthrough” of a house is a really fun and easy way to help your buyers get a good sense of the layout and the experience of the listing. This is not only a great opportunity for a first impression of the home, but a way to record some interaction on the part of the realtor as well. It’s only a matter of hitting recording and walking around a home to show off the defining features of the home.


With all the marketing opportunities that social media and the internet allows, there’s really not all that much that you can’t do with your smartphone in regards to marketing. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to share behind the scenes videos that will expire after 24 hours. Facebook or Instagram Stories are an excellent way to show video walkthroughs of a property as well as introduce yourself to possible clients. This is a good way to also release daily updates, and since Stories are hugely popular right now, the chances of your stories getting seen are pretty good right now. 

Going Live

One of the most incredible features that the internet and social media has to offer is the ability to go live. In the past, you’d need access to a radio or TV station in order to get in front of people in real time. Now, you simply open Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter on your smartphone, and BOOM, you’re live. Use it as an opportunity to walk around a listing, do Q and A with your followers, and host a virtual open house all in real time.

The fact is, using your smartphone to get in front of people is the best way to access your clients and find new ones. Don’t believe me? Go to any restaurant and look around. Where are people looking? At their significant others or friends? Nope. Chances are, they are staring down at a 5 inch screen scrolling through social media.

It’s up to you to figure out where your client is hanging out, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, but chances are, they’re somewhere online, using their phone as a gateway to information and entertainment. Get in front of their eyeballs by being on that screen as much as humanly possible.

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