Creative Real Estate Photography #1: Welcome to the Twilight Zone


Real Estate photography is often mis-labeled for its supposed lack of creativity, and while a lot of real estate photos look the same, I think there’s a lot of room for creating informative, yet creative photos.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to create a series about the ways you can insert some creativity into your real estate photography in order to differentiate your brand.

Time of Day: The Ultimate Source of Creativity

Time of day is a huge differentiator for shooting a house, because the lighting of the day changes the feeling and vibe of a piece of property.

With high end listings, a popular time to shoot exterior photos is twilight, as it cools off the scene and allows the house to light itself. It often costs extra to shoot at twilight, but it makes a huge difference compared to the sometimes harsh shadows that the sun provides during the day.

Not only that, but twilight provides some comfort to a scene, and creates a welcoming vibe.

Twilight is a great example of a cool use of time of day, but it’s not the only pleasant time of day by any stretch.

Total night can provide a more exaggerated effect that can help guide the imaginations of buyers that may be more of the night owl variety. (Remember, many people work all day and may mostly see their house around twilight and nighttime, so give them an image of what coming home after work is like.)


If your property is near a fun hang out city, have a few “nightlife” landscapes of the downtown in your back pocket as well, as to show off the life they could have in their new home.

When you are laying out your marketing plan and strategy for a particular property, remember to keep in mind the when of the photos you’re providing. Use sunrise or sunset or twilight or night to your advantage.