Why is Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer So Important?

We’ve talked previously about when the moment is right to hire a professional real estate photographer, but now I want to talk about why you hire a professional.

We are Visual Creatures

This is my first point in my Smartphone Photography for Realtors Talk: Say you’re looking to buy a car on Craigslist and the seller says “This car runs perfectly and is in excellent shape”, yet they post blurry photos of a very dirty car. You begin to question their definition of “runs perfectly” and “excellent”.

We need images as a frame of reference to what we are even buying, and in a world where we are inundated with really good images all the time, if the photos are rushed or poorly shot, we lose trust in the seller. The better the images, the more likely a customer is to buy what you’re selling.

Photographers Are Expected to Be “Swiss Army Knives”

In order to grow a photography business in 2019, a photographer must continue to grow his arsenal of tools. As recently as 2011, the average real estate photographer pretty was pretty much only expected to be a master of a camera and lighting; now, real estate photographers are masters of drones and even video in order to keep up with market demands. Basically, in 2019, you’re able to get more creative ways to market your listings than ever before. Modern photographers allow you to basically be your own production house in order to strengthen your brand.

When Everyone Is Super, No One Will Be

The great thing about the internet and digital photography is that everyone has access to these tools, which also means everyone has access to these tools. In order to make a strong brand for yourself, it may cost less money (since most of those tools are in that rectangle in your pocket), but it costs more time and effort to be good at social media, making videos, getting great images, and not to mention just doing the job of selling houses (which is why you are here in the first place). Hiring a professional is of benefit for not only the saving of time by outsourcing the making of marketing content, but also for the creative mind of making your content specific to you.

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