Smartphones ARE the Future of Photography

The Drone Studio is a website that offers professional real estate photography and videography, utilizing all sorts of tools and large equipment, yet I keep mentioning the “power of your smartphone” on this blog.

That’s because, while yes, I believe I can get a lot done with my workhorse Nikon D850 DSLR and other various photo equipment, I still believe smartphones are the future of photography.

It’s hard for me to teach all of the benefits of a smartphone and not see the holes in the typical “pro” setup that are absolutely glaring, as someone who’s been carrying a large DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera for over a decade.

And while, yes, you hear terms like “mirrorless cameras”, which are step in the right direction, there are just a lot of things that cameras are still missing that smartphones do effortlessly:

Built-in Storage: If I forget an SD or other memory card, or it corrupts, I just can’t take photos. End of story. Where is the built in hardrive on a modern camera????

Editing Software: I edit photos instantly when I shoot them on my phone, and I have yet to be able to do such a thing on my camera. I have to take the SD card out, stick it in my computer, and wait for (sometimes hours) for them to import before I can even edit them.

Internet Connection: I would love to be able to backup quickly and easily to the cloud or some other service, yet, I’m just not really able to. There’s no good way send my photos anywhere from my camera, wirelessly. There are apps that let me connect my camera to my phone, but honestly, they just don’t work all that well.

If you don’t believe me when I tell you that I fully believe a smartphone has incredible potential (that is under-utilized by many people, especially realtors), I’m 100% serious. I think it’s high time the features that everyone carries around in their pocket should be headed to my $3000+ camera gear.

Now, listen, of course there are incredible benefits to the gear I use, otherwise why would I have invested so much? Stay tuned for my next blog post titled: When is it time to hire a professional real estate photographer?

Want to learn how to better utilize your Smartphone for Real Estate Photography? I’ll be at the Western Upstate Association of Realtors on Thursday, September 12, 2019 from 10AM to 12PM in Anderson, SC talking about how to best use your smartphone for your listing photos!