Turn Up The Heat: A Slightly More Advanced Photography Kit for Realtors

At this point, we’ve talked at length about how powerful smartphones can be for realtors who want to try and shoot their own listing photos. There is quite a lot that apps and software allows you to do that realtors don’t even know they can tap into, but there are also realtors out there who have mastered their smartphone photos and want to take their listing photography a step further.

I talk to a lot of realtors, and I’m also related to quite a few of them, and I get asked all the time about what camera they should get, what lens, etc.

If you want to get a little more advanced than your smartphone, but still want to keep it simple, here’s a list of equipment you can buy for under $1000.


Canon 70D

DSLR Camera

I shoot with a Nikon, however, I often recommend this camera for 2 reasons: It’s great if you decide to film videos since it has a flip-out screen, and the lens options are vast and affordable. You can also find one of these for great prices: Here’s one on B&H Photo for $429.95, but I’ve seen them cheaper than that.


Canon 10-18 lens

This is the reason I recommend Canon: they offer very wide lenses that are extremely affordable. A lens like this for my Nikon camera would cost upwards of $800, but you can find this one for around $200. This lens gives you just about all the wide-ness you could ask for in a photo, and it’s a really good lens to have for real estate photography.

At $50, you can’t beat this photo editing software. It’s essentially a clone of Photoshop, and it allows many Photoshop plug-ins to be used. While the learning curve is steep, it’s a cheap way to dig into some serious (or even not-so-serious) photo editing. There are plenty of Youtube tutorials out there that can help you along.

Speaking of steep learning curve, the next recommendation requires you to take a test, but it can be user-friendly and simple nonetheless:


DJI Spark

In order to fly a drone for money (AKA shooting marketing photos for your business), you need to take the FAA Part 107 drone knowledge test at local testing center. It costs $150 for the test, as well as some study time, but once you have it you’re free to fly. This drone is only $500 as well, so that ends up paying for itself rather quickly. It takes some more work to legally get a drone in the air, but it’s well worth it once you can.

Other Accessories:

For all of this stuff to work, you also need some SD Cards and a Tripod to stabilize your camera. I recommend a decently fast Sandisk SD Card and a cheap tripod from Amazon or Walmart. (I used a $15 tripod from Walmart for years before I upgraded to a far more expensive Carbon Fiber Manfrotto Tripod). It also doesn’t hurt to get a good bag to carry all this stuff either.

At the end of the day, you’re down to about $700-$800 without buying a drone. It seems expensive initially, but with this kit, you’re guaranteed to have everything you need in order to take your listing photos to the next level from your smartphone.